Horror Movie Trailer

‘Us and Them’ hits VOD in April

US AND THEM / The Orchard

Official SXSW 17’ selection US AND THEM hits VOD next month from the folks at The Orchard. The Joseph Martin film follows a young man who takes matters into his own hands to expose the filth of the upper british elite. US AND THEM heads to VOD on April 10th. We have the trailer and more to see so glance ahead and look out for this one.

A darkly comic, raw and controversial thriller that packs a hard punch at the inequalities and divisions that led to Brexit and Trump’s victory. Danny (Jack Roth), an ordinary working-class kid, is angry and frustrated at the rough deal he faces. When he confronts Conrad (Tim Bentinck) a member of today’s privileged elite, he aims to teach him and his kind a lesson they will never forget.

US AND THEM / The Orchard

Holding Conrad and his family hostage in their plush mansion, Danny, and his pals force Conrad into a deadly game of chance. Danny’s master plan is to kick-start a revolution by streaming attacks against the super-rich one percent on the web. His ultimate goal? To terrify the elite into bringing about change.

The film made its world premiere at the 2017 South by Southwest Film Festival and created a stir when Drudge Report highlighted it as a political attack on the 1%.



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