The Killer Movie Channel

The Killer Movie Channel now free on Roku


Roku users you just received an awesome horror treat to your services. One of the best indie horror, sci fi and paranormal film streaming outlets THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL is now on your device. What’s even better is it’s free! While we at HMU always try and keep you up to date on some great programming on the page there is so much content we can’t keep up. Well it’s all yours now for no extra charge. Flicks like THE STALL, THE VOID and classics like DEMONOID are all available on the channel this month with content growing monthly. Check out the full details on the announcement ahead and if you are using another device sign up for your free three day trial now!

SGL Entertainment in Association with Dark Star Records and dotstudioPRO are pleased to announce that they have just launched a new FREE Version of THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL. Now you can watch tons of Killer movies in the Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller Genre along with Comedies, Documentaries, Westerns and Music Videos. Other categories include Cult, Classics and VHS. The channel just Launched a few days ago and is already #13 on the New and Notable Category List on ROKU. To add the channel to your ROKU Lineup just go to:

And, for even more great horror, exploitation and exclusive content you can always subscribe to our premiere version of THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL and get Commercial Free Unlimited Content for only $3.99 a Month or $36.00 a Year. Just click on the link below to start your free 3 day trial.

But, for those who are looking for tons of FREE Horror Films, then we have the channel for you. Some of our films include: Solid State with Debbie Rochon, Apocalypse Kiss with Tom Atkins and Michael Berryman, Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, Insane, Jezebeth, Spaceship Terror, Voodoo Rising, plus Alice Sweet Alice with Brooke Shields, The Great Alligator with Barbara Bach, The Final Terror with Daryl Hannah and Many More!!!


Just Search for THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL on your ROKU Box its Totally FREE



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