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Cult classic ‘Disembodied’ on Blu ray this week


Hitting blu ray from BrinkVision this week is the 90’s goreriffc cult classic DISEMBODIED. The film follows a young woman with a living parasite inside her head that devours anyone she comes into contact with. The film is scanned in 2k from the original negatives and pieced together for you to see. Check out the trailer and details on the release ahead including an Amazon link to pre order right now.

DISEMBODIED the 90’s VHS cult classic is now finally available in HD! Scanned in 2k from the original negatives, this film has been long sought after as a comic, weird, violent, gross out film that is fun to watch. Directed William Kersten, and starring Anastasia Woolverton (Connie Sproutz), and shot on 16mm cameras. Disembodied is a body-horror film with Connie Sproutz after finding out that she is genetic experiment with half-human/haf-extraterrestrial DNA. She takes refuge in a place that may be the most rundown place in cinema. Diembodied is Basket Case meets Slime City, and fans need to seek this film out. DISEMBODIED will be on Blu-ray and VOD April 10th!   

The story of Connie Sproutz, a likeable young woman with the sad problem of a spore-generating deformity on her face which causes difficulties in her day-to-day life such as dissolving into a gelatinous mass anyone who is to be devoured by the neural parasite that inhabits her skull, which is empty due to the fact that she stores her brain in a jar beside her bed.


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