Blu Ray Release

‘Your Flesh, Your Curse’ on limited DVD & Blu ray next month


For horror fans looking for something a little too graphic, a little too extreme your prayers have been answered. Kasper Juhl’s YOUR FLESH , YOUR CURSE is headed to home entertainment. Now there will only be a limited amount of these released as this film may be a little too hard to handle for most. If this sounds right up your alley then please continue reading! The film follows a young woman stuck in purgatory reliving every torturous memory from her past. Check out the trailer ahead if you like what you see act soon as only 100 of these will be released.

While waiting.. “YOUR FLESH, YOUR CURSE” to be released in a very limited edition DVD/Blu-Ray box for the true collector. An official release will happen later this year, this is a very limited release for true horror fans, only 100 copies in existence..

Written and directed by Kasper Juhl while produced by Kasper Juhl and Anders Norddal Jendresen. Starring Marie-Louise Damgaard as Juliet White along with Rose Milling, Bill Hutchens, Kim Sønderholm, Paw Terndrup and many more.


After being brutally murdered, the troubled girl Juliet White ends up in a limbo, where a spiritual guide forces her soul to re-live repressed memories. A beautiful, yet highly disturbing, tale of madness, violence, sex, torture, life and death.


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