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Some monsters are real  ‘Wildling’ – movie review


What are fairy tales really? Is it possible they are actual tales that happened in the past and certain situations have been wiped out to make sure they don’t live on? In the film from Fritz Böhm WILDLING we find a young woman who has been living with an old man that goes only by “Daddy”. Is he torturing her or is he doing something else? These questions and more are answered in this primal and intense film. There is nothing drawn out in THE WILDLING only a  fast paced coming of age creature feature with an undeniable ending.


THE WILDLING tells the story of Anna. Anna has been found by the sheriff after a tragic accident. When she goes under the temporary custody her freedom starts to unleash a secret that will turn Anna and all those around her upside down. THE WILDING is an unapologetic thrill ride that can lose the viewer from the moment she is out of the care of Daddy. After viewing the film movie goers would wonder why things escalated so fast, but it really all makes sense when placed in a capsule. In this world time is very limited and for Anna that clock runs even faster.


Monster flicks are definitely on the up and up. While some still deal with mystery and intigure THE WILDLING does not follow that same scope. For some that maybe not enough substance. Others will find sure enjoyment of this dark and demented fairy tale.


THE WILDLING is directed by Fritz Böhm and stars Bel Powley, Liv Tyler, and Brad Dourif. It will be in limited theaters and on demand on April 13th courtesy of IFC MIdnight.


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