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Scalping the mysticism of the tribe ‘Mohawk’ – Blu ray review

WWE Superstar Luke Harper in MOHAWK / Dark Sky Films

On Blu ray and DVD now is the fast paced supernatural thriller MOHAWK. From filmmaker Ted Geoghegan and Dark Sky Films comes the story of a squaw taking revenge on a bloodthirsty band of soldiers. While gore hounds will get a kick out of the satyfying kill scenes and effects, the overall picture may not be as solid as it seemed. A hearty cast and strong lead played by Kaniehtiio Horn helps move the feature along smoothly. For most that will be ok but for others they may need a little more mohawk history to add some depth to what’s being shown before us.

When the getting is good in MOHAWK it really stands out. Unfortunately the first portion of the film is rather difficult to follow but things start to make sense during the slow burning middle. Our lead in the film is running with her lover and Mohawk family from a revenge seeking group of soldiers. It’s really a story of survival and kill or be killed. And man do the kills satisfy. They are wonderfully executed which adds so much to the brutal and raw carnage of the film. MOHAWK follows closely to an antihero feature as no one is really in the right but they all must survive not just each other but the woods themselves. The woods seem to possess some type of spirit. At first it seems to call to one but soon all fall under the overwhelming wrath. That’s when things start to get lost in the film but it causes the brutality level to increase so it really can’t be looked as a bad thing.

Tons of pros and cons with MOHAWK but overall a very entertaining feature. The film has the legs to develop into a more intriguing story but what we are left with is more than suitable. While little more explanation on the mysticism would have helped tremendously you can’t deny the impact of the blood shed. For fans of violence and gore pick this one up asap!

2.5 / 5

MOHAWK is directed by Ted Geoghegan and it stars Kaniehtiio Horn, Justin Rain, Eamon Farren, Noah Segan, Jonathan Huber, Robert Longstreet and Sheri Foster.


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