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You see what your mind wants you to see ‘Ghost Stories’ – movie review


There was much anticipation leading up to the release of the horror anthology GHOST STORIES. Unfortunately it was sheer let down from start to finish on a film that presented itself with a clear intention but strayed from the path. The film from Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman looked fantastic and showcases the allure of a slow burning yet promises supernatural tale. A lukewarm conclusion is really the downfall of the film that begged to be great from the start. Still there is enough to satisfy most viewers so there are moments that deserve some merit.

GHOST STORIES follows a man bent on proving the supernatural does not exist. He is approached by a man he has fond respect for to solve three cases. These cases are set up to prove the things that go bump in the night do exist. While he is not convinced by any stretch of the imagination as each case unfolds clearly there is more at play. GHOST STORIES really starts off solid and very intriguing as the build up to the cases present themselves. There is no way the viewer will be ready for the inevitable outcome but how it is accepted will make or break this film. The cases have enough depth to push this film into volumes more than what’s seen on screen which also hurts the effort. Why not focus more on these amazing characters than the path used to prove them obsolete? There are so many directions and questions that will be asked at the conclusion of the film but knowing it’s based on a play leads to the reasoning more than anything.


There won’t be any issue with viewers getting wrapped up into the first part of GHOST STORIES. How they see the second part is the real concern for the films success. It’s not wretched by any means, just a little short sided.


2.5 / 5


GHOST STORIES is directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. It stars Martin Freeman, Alex Lawther, Jill Halfpenny, Andy Nyman and Paul Whitehouse. It will in limited theaters and VOD on April 20th courtesy of IFC Midnight.



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