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Vyces concert recap as part of the Mushroomhead Tour

On Monday May 7th at The Fubar in St. Louis Missouri the sounds of metal and mayhem filled the air. MUSHROOMHEAD was the headline act of the night with VYCES setting the tone for the final group. While most of the bands were solid efforts from start to finish the band we were sent to review VYCES stood apart in their own malicious way. A band that reminded us of early works from groups like EIGHTEEN VISIONS, the blending of melodic overtones laid over an intense hardcore bed proved best. While VYCES may have not received the love of the main act they were just as professional and tight as any experienced band would need to be.


We will also take a quick moment to mention the political almost neo trumpism hardcore band of VENTANA. They provided the best energy of the night and it would have been nice to see VYCES quickly follow them after. Even though it was not the case VYCES lead singer  Dave Naruszewicz quickly captured the audience with his driven soul and irresistible howl. Fluid and straight laced VYCES empowered the intimate crowd at the Fubar showcasing the great potential they have.


VYCES has been compared to many acts with good reason. Hopefully they can continue to grow as a unit and find their place in the active rock metal scene. We sure that time isn’t far off and we highly recommend checking out their latest effort “Thin Luck” which is available from multiple outlets. Take a glance at the upcoming dates for the tour with MUSHROOMHEAD here and if it’s near you go see them!



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