Horror Music

Electronic band “A Place Both Wonderful and Strange” announces dates

The erie and dark music of A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE is hitting the road. The name alone lends to the journey’s your ears will take with this described occult electronic band. The tour kicks off on June 3rd and will be hitting the Crack Fox Venue in the backyard of HMU later in the month. The “what I speak I create” tour has 13 cities listed so far with possibly more on the way. Check out their music ahead along with a couple live clips. Hear something you like check them out when they reach a town near you!

Brooklyn-based, “occult electronic” band A Place Both Wonderful & Strange announce a series of live US dates in June. Having performed for the likes of the David Lynch Foundation and incorporating visuals, the live performance promises to be nothing short of immersive and memorable.

“[They] unfurl, ritual-esque…A Place Both Wonderful and Strange rewind back to the textured atmospheres of early 4AD albums, stretching the gauze over ambient, drum ‘n’ bass, and the occasional cleansing stab of guitar.”–Rolling Stone

A place both wonderful and strange is the Brooklyn-based Occult Electronic Dance performance art moniker of Shanda Woods, Laura Hajek and Russ Marshalek. Dark, moody, experimental electronic dance music inspired in equal parts by David Lynch and Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814. This is the dark future.


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