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Fiery and intense ‘Beast’ – movie review

BEAST/ Roadside Attractions and 30West

Love can be a dangerous game to play. More so when the connection is intense and immediately felt. With that intensity can come danger, mistrust and the questioning of each other’s commitment when doubt and fear take control. Director Michael Pearce’s debut film Beast takes two people who both have secrets in there past and brings them together as fate would wield her sword to conquer a world together that sees them as outcasts and misguided by their choices as youths. Beast takes you on a dark ride of one oddly beauty and her heroic beast who will consume her entirely if she doesn’t take control.

Jessica Buckley, who most of us would know her by FX’s series Taboo, portrays Moll Huntford. Poor sweet Moll hasn’t had the most, smooth time in life. Popularity was never meant for her, like her sister Polly (Shannon Tarbet). Her brother Clifford (Trystan Gravelle) uses her troubled past to make is his life seem not so mediocre. It comes the day of Moll’s 27th birthday and her mother Hilary (Geraldine James) decides to throw her a birthday party, though it seems like more social gathering for Hilary, with no real focus on Moll at all. As Polly attempts to make a toast to her sister for her birthday, she quickly turns the attention to herself and announces that her and her fiancé are expecting twins, Molls birthday party quickly takes a turn to having nothing to do with her. Though you get the feeling this isn’t unusual for this family. Moll is asked by her mother to fetch the champagne for the special occasion of her sister’s big news. Anger and irritation quickly sets in and Moll storms off to the kitchen slamming shots of vodka. She accidentally breaks a glass and makes the decision to ease her frustration she squeezes a broken piece of glass to cut, bleed and cause pain. This is the first glimpse you get of Molls internal fight with unacceptance and internal rage. Moll bails and finishes her night celebrating alone, escaping the stuffy, controlling environment of home and dances the night away. The night leads to her having to try and escape a dangerous situation and being rescued by Pascal Renouf (Johnny Fylnn) who shows up out of nowhere with rifle in hand. The moment Moll and Pascal, two damaged, psychologically torn human see each other, they fall instantly for each other and their journey on the intense rollercoaster of love starts.  

BEAST/ Roadside Attractions and 30West

Moll and Pascal both have darkness within them, that one seems to accept and the other suppresses. Hiding their past imperfections and each one’s rage, it only builds within the walls they each built to keep others at bay. Though they share is intensity and passion between themselves. They feed off each other in this misfit romance, as Pascal accepts Moll for who she is and vice versa. Soon each other’s irrational behavior becomes accepting, even if murder is in question. Moll is continually aroused by the possibility of her lover’s potential guilt. They start to take each other for their worth, and if one decides not to that love will kill the existence of what they are or what they are hiding.  

Beast is a perfect tale of a troubled, but unexpecting beauty and a sociopathic beast whose fiery love will only be the demise of each other when murder and mistrust take control. 


BEAST is directed by Michael Pearce and stars Jessie Buckley, Johnny Flynn, Trystan Gravelle and Geraldine James. It is being released courtesy of Roadside Attractions and 30West.


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