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Chaos and whim ‘A Place Both Wonderful and Strange’ show recap

On Thursday June 14th at The Crack Fox venue in downtown St. Louis ODM group A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE stopped by on their tour. They were joined at the venue with local standouts SEASHINE, POWDER RIVER and CAVEOFSWORDS. The intimate crowd received a wide variety of music on this night capped out by the utter chaos that was the first song in APBW&S set. A short and to the point set doesn’t always lead to a good representation but theirs is just enough substance in what they did to receive a full offering.


While we didn’t catch the CAVE we saw to very good performances by POWDER RIVER and SEASHINE. After the sound was finally configured RIVER’s lead singer carried the groups steady thump to sets conclusion. SEASHINE blew us away with their song progression and the careless and harmonic voice of the alluring lead singer. Each song better than the previous makes sense why this band has received some recent acclaim.


A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE seems well aware that their music isn’t for everyone. And luckily for their fans they don’t care. Such a style of music need to have a precise stream of sound so that every note, every tone is felt in the proper perspective. It was hard to tell if they would settle down into something that would appeal to the mass of the crowd and eventually they did. The cover of Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever” was spot on and quite the unexpected treat. The energy of both vocalist thrived during their small and poignant set driving the soul of the songs to a pulsating conclusion.


2.5/ 5


For more info on the rest of the tour visit their website here:




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