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CINEPOCALYPSE 18’ ‘The Russian Bride’ – movie review


When it comes to creepy old men that are wealthy and lonely the mail order bride is a common theme. If Corbin Bernsen took on the role of Mr. Burns but yet a little more sadistic and unruly it would be his character in THE RUSSIAN BRIDE. Part supernatural, part survival thriller and all types of disarray are in store in this one from Michael S. Ojeda.

THE RUSSIAN BRIDE follows the story of Nina(Oksana Orlan) and her daughter Dasha(Kristina Pimenova). They believe they have found the man who will change theirs lives in Karl (Corbin Bernsen) a well off peculiar man covering something sinister. As the film unfolds you find out that this fairytale turns into a nightmare for the mother and daughter. Each scene drives the viewer deeper and deeper into the mindset of Karl as the film reaches it intense conclusion. There are many things to enjoy with the THE RUSSIAN BRIDE but the pacing will hurt the film.

There are a few too many throway scenes but luckily Corbin’s performance is so spot on it doesn’t matter. THE RUSSIAN BRIDE is nice little treat surrounding such a controversial topic. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check this out once it finishes the festival circuit!

2.5/ 5

THE RUSSIAN BRIDE is directed by Michael S. Ojeda and stars Oksana Orlan, Kristina Pimenova and Corbin Bernsen.



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