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CINEPOCALYPSE 18’ ‘Await Further Instructions’ – movie review

These days we have epic horror meets sci fi shows all over your Netflix and Hulu ques. Films have always walked a fine line between the two and Johnny Kevorkian’s AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS is just that kind of movie. “Sneaky clever” is a word to describe the feature as the unknowingness of what’s happening to the characters is what keeps you locked in. Unfortunately the ending is somewhat of a let down but overall a solid entry.  


AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS follows the Milgram family on Christmas Eve. Cleary there are some coals heading into the stockings as the family has a very unique and strange relationship. The bigotry of the old british regime is in full display as the family constantly blame the arabic girlfriend of one of the sons for this impending doom. Regardless a black substance has sealed them off from the rest of the world and the television is giving commands that must be followed. It really is a superb idea and the cast is great as the try to figure how to escape this substance and themselves. It honestly has one of the best family dynamics seen in horror in some time.


The downfall of the film takes a Cronenberg esque’ turn for the worst at the end. Some may be fans of it so to each is own when it comes to the conclusion. Still it’s one of the better horror watches out there so it’s worth the glance when it becomes available.



AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS is directed by Johnny Kevorkian and stars David Bradley, Abigail Cruttenden, Sam Gittins, Neerja Naik and Holly Weston. It made it’s premiere on the 22nd at the CINEPOCALYPSE movie festival.



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