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Interview with filmmaker Jason Devan ‘Along Came The Devil’

ALONG CAME THE DEVIL / Gravitas Ventures

Heading into theaters this Friday is the possession thriller from Jason Devan ALONG CAME THE DEVIL. Filled with ferocity and despair this film is not your run of the mill exorcism feature. Travis caught up with filmmaker Jason Devan to talk about his film, classics like THE EXORCISM and what’s next on the horizon for him. Read the full interview ahead and be on the lookout for our review of ALONG CAME THE DEVIL tomorrow! 

This story claims it was based off true events. What story did this develop from?

Some of the development of this story is based of a close Brazilian family friend of ours. I felt they had an amazing story to tell and we wanted to share within this exorcism story.

In the film one of the girls makes reference to the THE EXORCIST do you feel as that is still the benchmark for possession films or is it outdated?

It is absolutely the benchmark to possession films and it always will be. That movie, although had a much bigger budget than ALONG CAME THE DEVIL, but was also well ahead of its time. Top that off with all the talented people involved with The EXORCIST, is the reason it is what it is today.

Do you think we will ever get to a point where possession or religious horror if you may, will no longer be scary?

No, I really don’t think so because along with evil there is good and with the good comes evil. Just when you think you have seen it all there is a story or something to be told that keeps us coming back of more.

Out of all the demons and entities that seem to exist in this world why does the devil make the most sense in this film?

Out of all the demons in the world, the Devil tops them all. We wanted to do something different and instead of just a demon we wanted The Devil himself to play a part in the possession.

How was it working with the young group of actors? What kind of challenges did you encounter during filming?

It was great working with the youngsters in this film, they were all so talented and it made my job a lot easier. We had such a great chemistry with the entire cast, which we feel really shows on screen.

What kind of reaction are you expecting from audiences when they see ALONG CAME THE DEVIL?

I hope for the most part they say “Now that is how you do an exorcism movie” we are not trying to re-invent the wheel here, but we felt we had a scary story to tell, which was in vein with the original Exorcist, on a much lower budget. 🙂

What’s next for you any new films on the horizon?

We are slated to start filming our next project in the fall, a psychological thriller called, BROKEN SOULS  that takes a family on an amazing journey and has an ending that will knock the audiences socks off.

Why should people go see ALONG CAME THE DEVIL?

Because everyone involved put their heart and soul into this film and everyone was very proud of what we were able to accomplish on the time and budget we had. We hope all those horror fans enjoy it.

Thanks so much for your time!

Your very welcome and thanks for having me!

-Jason DeVan


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