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“Pray for us” ‘What Still Remains – movie review

WHAT STILL REMAINS /Strike the Sun Entertainment

Many things come to mind when you think about the world ending, massive disease, starvation, or just mother nature taking her wrath out on the planet to try and rebalance what is wrong and start anew. All these scenarios have been brought to the surface in films like The Road, 28 Days Later or Night of Comet. Each one of these films focuses on different ways the world ends and what post-apocalyptic disasters that causes us as humans to rely on our survival instincts that we have buried somewhere in our DNA.

Men, women and children tend to have different experiences when it comes to how they deal and approach a world where they no longer feel safe, have proper provisions and trust in others has flown out the window. Though out of these three women tend to have it the worst and men tend to be the ones who lose their sense of what is right and wrong. In most post-apocalyptic worlds women tend to become looked at as property, they are not equals or considered companions. Women tend to be forced or brainwashed into doing things purely based on them being told it is about re-creation, or just used for the sexual need of men and almost treated like slaves.

WHAT STILL REMAINS /Strike the Sun Entertainment

Josh Mendoza’s post-apocalyptic film What Still Remains, is a world that has already been infected by the “Changed” and the mental breakdown of man’s mind has taken itself backwards, in where religion and the belief in god are the only right way and the worship of the changed as pagan deities is a sin. Anna (Lulu Antariksa) a 19-year-old girl who has only know life after the change ones. She must learn to trust in people, when trust has become an exception to the rule. Anna is the last of her family and all others pose a dangerous threat to her existence. The real monsters, the changed, have almost become a legend in a fairytale and humans have become the real threat. Peter (Colin O’ Donoghue) comes into Anna’s life by chance. His brings kindness, but in the world today, Anna knows this isn’t guaranteed to be true. Peter promises Anna a place of safety and people who have come together to build a new world filled with protection and companionship. Though all these things can come at price.

What Still Remains, moves beyond social commentary but throws you into a world of entitlement by the way of god and divinity. It exposes its characters to how a worlds tragic ending is a gift and the condonement of genocide or cleansing is the righteous way of god choosing who is worthy to create and rebuild.


WHAT STILL REMAINS is directed and written by Josh Mendoza and stars Lulu Antariksa, Colin O’Donoghue, Mimi Rogers, Dohn Norwood, and Jeff Kober. It hits theaters August 10th courtesy of


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  1. I really loved this movie for different reasons One I love watching Colin act in anything I think he is so Talented in his craft also very Handsome that never hurts😆 But this movie really makes you think about what order things in the world would be . How women and men would towards eachother. And survival I think peter was a damaged kid who grew up a damaged man what he did was wrong but in a world like that I felt sorry for him too. Anna was amazing I know she will be getting a lot of work she had so much pain and was lost. It was an excellent little film wish it was a little longer!! I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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