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Nightmares don’t end ‘Sleep No More’ – movie review


So there have been films that have tested the limits of what humans are capable of. Sleep is one of them but it’s been awhile since a feature has went this direction. Enter Phillip Guzman’s SLEEP NO MORE, a retro induced supernatural sleeper that looks to do the opposite to the viewer. The film does a fairly good job of keeping moviegoers entertained but doesn’t provide enough of a scare to make this one standout.

The formula is there but similar to films like SUMMER OF 84’ the retro styled production makes sense just doesn’t execute well. Really it has nothing to do with the cast led by Keli Price and Lukas Gage. They are exceptional and all the throwback ideas are great. It boils down to the scare factor in this one. There was so much promise that we would have hoped to see more. Still not a bad flick by far and for sure worth your October mandatory horror film watching. There is a very cronenberg – craven esque feeling to SLEEP NO MORE which for retro fans they will be all over.


In hindsight SLEEP NO MORE will add itself to a list of solid retro horrors. Using the sleep and nightmare landscape brought a very familiar film. If the film would have been at least a tad bit frightening it would be a must see this Halloween season. Let us know your thoughts and go see it on VOD, DVD and digital on October 2nd!

SLEEP NO MORE is  written by Jason Murphy and directed by Phillip Guzman. SLEEP NO MORE stars Keli Price, Lukas Gage, Yasmine Aker, Brea Gran, Stephen Ellis and Christine Dwyer.



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