DVD Release

Sci fi thriller ‘Painless’ available on home entertainment today

Medical conditions may be a thing in the past in the new sci fi thriller from Jordan Horowitz and Indican Pictures with PAINLESS. The film follows a young man who can feel no pain who comes across a drug that can make him feel “normal”. While we aren’t sure what that means it sounds intriguing enough. If it does to you as well head onto your favorite on demand or home entertainment platform and check this one out today!

Henry Long was born with a rare condition that leaves him unable to feel physical pain. Life for him is a daily struggle, never knowing when he might become seriously injured without realizing it, or worse, die from an internal injury he never knew existed. He lives in a constant state of fear and is completely alienated from those around him who cannot relate to his daily struggles.

Barricading himself in a world of science, Henry has dedicated his life to finding a cure so that he can one day know what it’s like to feel ‘normal.’   His only temporary reprieve from this isolation is Shani – the one person that draws him out of this world. When he discovers a promising drug that he is unable to obtain on his own, he gets involved with a dangerous scientist with a dark past and his own secret agenda. Henry must decide if his need for normalcy is worth paying the ultimate price before it’s too late.


Based on actual medical science, PAINLESS looks at the dark side of life with a rare condition and the challenges both symptomatic and social that people with these conditions face.




Director Jordan Horowitz’s previous film ‘Angel of Nanjing’ won Best Documentary at 13 film festivals before receiving a worldwide release, and became an Internet sensation when NowThisNews posted a story about it that was viewed over 23 million times. Jordan has also directed and produced content for MTV and VH1, and his short films have been referenced in the book Making It Big in Shorts: The Ultimate Filmmaker’s Guide to Short Films.


A film by Jordan Horowitz starring Joey Klein, Evalena Marie, Kip Gilman, and Pascal Yen-Pfister.


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