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Lakeshore drops ‘Cam’ soundtrack this Friday

We have already given you some of the deets on the insane looking thriller from Daniel Goldhaber CAM. The technology driven feature also has a pulsating score attached to it and Lakeshore Records is bringing it to you. They plan on releasing the Gavin Brivik project this Friday the 16th. Click on the link ahead to purchase the album and look for CAM on Netflix and limited theaters the same day!

CAM is a technology-driven psychological thriller set in the world of webcam porn. It follows Alice, an ambitious camgirl, who wakes up one day to discover she’s been replaced on her show with an exact replica of herself. The film is a Blumhouse Production and released as a Netflix Original Nov. 16.

Purchase the soundtrack here!

“What does it sound like when a computer dreams, and what does it sound like when it has a nightmare?” That was the central question director Daniel Goldhaber and composer Gavin Brivik explored for the CAM score. “We wanted it to begin in a dreamy, synthy, girlpop, fairytale-like dreamworld and then descend into a percussive, distorted, digital nightmare. We wanted this score to be a collage of sound, ranging from the organic instruments that represent the real world, to the synthesized sounds of our protagonists’s online reality. We spent months looking for new sounds to reflect the uniqueness of this world.

Acting as a single sonic landscape, the score incorporates elements from Michael Bucuzzo’s sound design to create a totally immersive, uniform audio architecture. Just as CAM questions where realities collide, Brivik’s captivating score blurs musical boundaries immersing you completely into Alice’s world.


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