HHW2014- Daily Journals

Day 1

5:30 pm 3-21-14


Day 1 started off a little behind for us a we made our journey to HorrorHound Weekend this Friday. After almost directing us to Chicago we made our way out to the 47 towards Cincy in a little more than 5 hours just in time to grab press credentials and hit the first films. Didn’t have too many issues with getting in but of course another promoter failed to put us on the list. No worries we always come prepared with the emails of confirmation so it wasn’t an issue.

The venue was packed around the corner as it looked like around 500 people were standing outside. After we left will call we strolled pass the impressive vehicles lined up in the parking lot of the convention center. We will hook you guys up with some pics of those tomorrow so be on the look out for that. The films are being shown at the Radisson across the street which is cool because it’s a huge screening room with direct access.


We we able to see Hi-8 , Wrath Of Crows and Time To Kill which brought a huge crowd of hecklers and goof balls to the screening. So much that a few patrons left the screening unhappy with the rudeness. It’s ok to do that for a while but soon enough you have to ask are we here to see the movie or you? Luckily we won’t to see those guys in a few hours with the daytime screening start. Speaking of we ran into director Jill Sixx and told her we were excited to see her short tomorrow.


It was a busy first day and unfortunately the time adjustment threw us off track. Tomorrow should be jam packed and we will try to get some celeb shots for you guys. Until then enjoy the reviews and all the social media stuff. Having a few internet issues at the hotel but we will get things out to you guys as soon as we can!!

4:30 AM Day 2 3-22-14

Up late editing photos and working on the daily recap. Hopefully sleep here soon.


8:04 AM

Time for some continental breakfast and review work. Got a few hours of sleep not bad. There is already an engaging fart war in the mix.

9:37  AM

First two reviews are up now time for a quick power nap before we head back to the convention. The goal is to get some celeb ops, talk to some fans and do a quick q &a With Call Girl Director Jill Sixx. We are expecting the place to be packed and hopefully there will be costumes a plenty!

11:00 AM

Scheduling conflict looks like they are showing Call Girl at 11 instead of 12 now. That’s a shame if we miss it. Hopefully we can get her to send a copy to us and have it up before the event is over. In need of caffeine!!!


3:53 pm

Luckily for us we were able to see the screening of Call Girl!!! The ended up playing it twice and seemed to have a nice crowd in the mix when we got there. It was a treat to see so look for the review up on it later. Now we are taking a quick break before the cosplay costume contest to finish up some reviews the floor was jammed packed and we should have some pictures up in a few.

5:00 pm

Costume contest. More on this soon!!!

8:00 pm

Got a chance to meet up and chat with Jill Sixx about her film Call Girl and her views on the current state of affairs in horror. She had a lot to say and was very engaging so we want to thank her for that. We will post the audio interview soon and don’t forget to look for the review of Call Girl as well.


8:30 pm

We were able to attend the HorrorHound Film Festival awards for best short, feature, director, actor, actress and sfx. All the winners are announced on the Day 2 recap so head over there to see. GEDC3618

11:30 pm

Just left the screening of House Of the  Witch Doctor and got a few snaps of the concert. The beer is flowing heavy and it looks as if everyone is really enjoying themselves. There is a great camaraderie  here at HorrorHound Festival and of course the proclamations of best horror festival are in the air. Time to edit some photos, write up the recap and get no sleep as we head into the final day of HorrorHound Weekend!


Day 3 3-23-14

10:30 AM

arrggh! Always a rush to check out when there is stuff to do oh well off to see Ice Glacier and finish off the festival will chat later!


1:30 PM

Just saw the insane creature feature flick ‘Blood Glacier’ and had a good chat with the host of the film fest Jason. We headed back to the lower level and saw a nice amount of fans getting their last pictures and good byes to the celebs.


3:45 PM

We stopped by the Studio 605 table and talked to director  Roman Jossart about his new film The Campground. After chatting with a bunch of other producers we made our way towards the common area for a few last pictures and glances.


4:00 PM

We bid adieu to HorrorHound Weekend! We saw some great films and got to network some great movers and shakers in the industry. Now time to head back to St. Louis to get back to work. Look for reviews on ‘Time To Kill’ ,’House Of The Witchdoctor’ and more. We had a great time this weekend and enjoyed the fan friendly atmosphere presented by the HorrorHound crew. We can’t wait to come back to next years event!



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