TFW2014 – Daily Journals

Day 2 8:20 pm- Sp what the hell did we get ourselves into huh? In this crazy city. All these horror fans, all these intertwining highways getting us lost. Seriously what are we doing? How about be awesome! Yeah it was a drag in day one and we were exhausted but its all coming together nicely for us here at day 2 of Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Basically getting here was a bitch, setting up the booth was a bitch and so on and so one but really man its because we were exhausted. Had an awesome day at the booth today but now it’s time to get to screeners so enjoy the pics!


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Day 2 cont. 12:58 am

Yessir we just watched the amazing Gun Woman from director Kurando Mitsutake Gun Woman starring Asami. It was unbelievable! Today was a rush! It went by in a blur but we had an amazing time talking to people about movies. Todays quote was easy so we got about 50 people who entered the drawing and we were able to give away tons of stuff! Today’s quote was from Silence of The Lambs “I smell your cunt!” Which got quite a response at our booth. There is a lot of buzz for Blood Glacier and Cold in July so those will be films you all should see. Listen to us we know Blood Glacier is fantastic but the reaction to Cold in July is something else.

We weren’t able to meet up with the twins yet so we are going to try and grab them early tomorrow. For sure more costumes today so that was good. We a got a few interviews as well today so Saturday was a success.

As we hear the festival goers running around the halls of the hotel it reminds us how late it is. Be back soon with some more photos for you guys to see as team no sleep carries on!

Hey guys check out some awesome videos from Day 2




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