‘Hemlock Grove’ Recaps

Episodes 1 &2

Loretta Yu - Hemlock Grove S02E02

Ah, Hemlock Grove. You are the Netflix series I love to hate. The first season of this horror tinged drama aired last summer. While it wasn’t something that I really wanted to binge watch, I did get some joy out of it. Case in point — this still shot of Roman Godfrey hitting his head on a lamp.

So far, season two has all the good points of season one, plus a few others. The wry humor is still there. And while a few of the actors tend to overact, and the horror effects are straight out of an early season of Buffy, I still like a few of the characters and story lines enough to dedicate an hour of my time every other day to see what’s up in Hemlock.

The second season starts off where season one left off. We see where Peter Rumancek has escaped too, and Roman has fully realized his vampiric tendencies. Once Peter is drawn back to Hemlock to raise money to bust his mom out of jail, the story line begins to pick up speed.

This season’s theme seems to center around the main characters (Olivia, Peter and Roman) finding themselves in their new roles. Peter is thrust into a hero role due to his violent dreams that depict the deaths of innocents. Roman is adjusting to his boss role (as well as being a creature of the night). And Olivia is getting used to, well, being alive.

In episode two, we watch as Peter’s premonitions get stronger. Roman begins to let people into his life again. (We’re introduced to a new character, Miranda Cates, a cute young blonde in distress who finds Roman’s house after she’s run off the road by a mad person.)

We also get to see many of the characters from last season in episode two: Roman’s blue-eyed baby makes his (or her?) first appearance. The audience gets its first glimpse at the gestating adult version of the soon-to-be reborn Letha Godfrey. And we briefly see Shelley Godfrey running through the woods. She’s hunting the wolf we thought she killed last season.

This season’s plot seems to be centered on Roman and Peter finding the culprits who are murder/suiciding many of Hemlock Grove’s innocent townsfolk. While it’s a similar plot to what occurred last season (with the two young men hunting the killer wolf), it seems like this story line may pack more of a punch, as both characters are weathered.

The subplots, similar to last year, involve a lot of genetic engineering issues and live forever questions. Now, I am a sucker for these types of plots and love to see the grand question (who are we, and how do we make our legacy go on forever) debated in a horror fantasy world. And since this big subject is being broached in a different way this season (through the exploration of vampirism with a scientific bent), I think the story could go into some interesting places in the next few episodes.

I hope to burn through three to four episodes this coming week, so I’ll find out soon enough if this season will, in fact, be better than last. Are any of you fans of Hemlock Grove? Do you hate its as much as my friends do?


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