Heather Lee jumps into Season 1 of MTV’s SCREAM 

Ep 1

Teen drama and social media always come hand in hand. There is always the cool kids, the geeks, or just the socially unaccepted in any high school drama. Scream the new series by MTV starts off with the cool kids blasting a viral video of a fellow classmate making out with a girl in her car. YouTube comments blast away at Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) conquest and two of the cool kids are getting nothing but kicks out of it, which of course means there demise is only near. Nina (Bella Thorne), who is the sexually adventurous and bitchiest one out of the group, starts to receive mysterious texts from her boyfriend. She thinks it is Tyler (Anthony Rogers) who is sending her videos of him watching her from a far, so she starts to put on a show but soon to realize it isn’t Tyler, when his decapitated head comes flying into the hot tub in front of her. Nina screams and tries to call 911 but of course as we all depend on Siri, she fails and calls pottery barn. Running frantically to try and get inside Nina gets slashed by the unknown assailant in the back, tries to crawl to the pool, but we all know it is to late for her. He picks her up and slashes her throat.

As the show continues to you dive straight into the build up of each character of Lakewood. You start with the popular kids, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), Will (Conner Well), Jack (Tom Maden) and Brooke (Carlson Young) who after hearing about Nina’s death is slightly sad, but some of them are relieved in a way. It seems she was nothing but a bitch, even to them. You then move into meeting the geeky film kids. Audrey who met right at the beginning and then her best friend Noah (John Karna) who is smart but has an obsession with serial killers, film and knows a little to much about the thinking of one. Then last but not least who you have the dark and handsome Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serefini) who is the new kid to the school.

After all the teens find out the gory details of Nina’s death, Noah uses his fond knowledge of serial killers and slasher films and tells all of them of the murdered Brandon James who killed and hunted a number of teens 20 years ago in Lakewood. Brandon James was the reclusive kid who hid his deformed face and lived in his parents shed. He had a crush on a girl in named Daisy from a far. Brandon decided one day to tell Daisy of his love for her and met her at a school dance. Daisy freaked out by his deformed face once he revealed it to her. Brandon was beaten up by the high school jocks, which were drunk. This drove Brandon to craziness and he started slaughtering numerous teens in Lakewood. The cops use Daisy to trap Brandon and he is gunned down and falls into the lake. Later you do find out that Emma’s mom is Daisy as the plot twists.

The teens all start to form this weird friendship and with the death of Nina and Tyler anyone can be suspect. Soon after they have there remembering party for Nina, Emma starts to get the weird phone calls from the unknown killer.

I would have to say the first episode wasn’t disappointing and you definitely get the character build up at the beginning. As the show definitely has similarities to the Scream movies you also see aspects from other great slasher films like Friday the 13th. Can MTV keep true to a good slasher? We will see…

3.5 /5



EP 2

Social Media screams the insecurities of teen drama. You see it again at the beginning of episode two. Rachel and Audrey continue to see the rants and bantering of their fellow classmates on the video even though it has been removed. Though the insecurities and burden on top of everything else Rachel’s true colors are shown. Like some of the insecure, misunderstood teens, Rachel is a cutter, the comfort of pain that is personally inflicted is more controlling than what is going on in her life. When Rachel is about to add another cut to her collection she gets a call from Audrey…..or who she thinks is Audrey. There conversation starts to get weird and Rachel can’t hear Audrey anymore. Soon the masked killer has taken yet another life, by placing a noose around Rachel’s neck and throwing her off her balcony to hang and die.

In this episode of scream you get even more homages to the original movies. Emma continues to get stalked more, with the creepy calls and start to realize that her mother might be infamous Daisy as the clues start to make more sense. You then have the appearance of Piper Shaw (Amelia Rose Blaire) who is the new Gale Weathers. Piper is a podcast newscaster and starts to show her face around the school after Rachel was found. She talks first with Audrey and Noah who obviously is a fan about the murders and Nina. She then learns who Emma is and her interest is peaked for sure.

After finding out about Rachel’s death Emma’s guilt starts to consume her and she confesses to her mom of what Nina and her did while her mom is working on the autopsy of Rachel. Emma runs out crying and this is where her personal terror starts to show face in the series.

The masked killer starts to harass Emma more, the calls get more intense. He eludes to the fact that he is looking at Emma and says she looks tired. He lets Emma know that everyone she trusts is lying to her, that she is a fraud of her family and her mother is just a whore.

The series is definitely starting to leave at the end wanting more, lets see if MTV can continue to keep my interest peaked.

3.5 /5

Ep 3


Flash back to Halloween night and a young girl runs through the woods being chased. Running right into a male friend all she can say is what did you do. He tells her somebody got what they deserved. After turning his back for one second, when turns around the young girl is getting her throat slashed by the masked killer. The young male runs to only fall, where the masked killer is on top of him. He calls him a psycho and the masked killer empals him with a stick through the eye. Episode three of Scream starts off with nothing but blood and murder.
You are instantly brought back to present day where Piper and Noah are in deep discussion in the local coffee shop. Noah continues to show his knowledge of Brandon James and what his thoughts are on  the murders and if they will continue. Noah tells Piper really you have to think who is going to be next.
Emma’s mother Maggie is meeting with Sheriff Hudson in the morgue and tells him that Rachel didn’t commit suicide, that she was murdered. What Maggie didn’t know was Emma was standing outside the room when this information was given. This only gives Emma more curiosity and worry of who this killer is. Emma also learns that the good sheriff is looking for her dad. They want to question him about the heart that was delivered to there door step for her mother. Emma is now learning what the masked killer told her could be true. She can’t trust the people close to her.
More secrets start to unravel. We follow Jake to an enclosed area where he is digging up a box, but comes to find it is empty. He then goes to approach Will about the empty box. The two boys had some kind of blackmail against someone and the box was filled with money. You can only assume it was the payoff. Will admitted to taking the money but did give Jake the comfort that if he keeps his mouth shut he will see his share again. Meanwhile Emma confronts her mother, and decides to tell Audrey about what she learned. Emma tells Audrey that Rachel didn’t kill herself and that she doesn’t want to hide any more secrets from her. Emma then shares with Audrey about the harassing texts and calls she has been getting from the mysterious stalker. Audrey makes the perfect solution…..just call/text him back. Though really could this be the best answer? Emma decides to take her advice and starts the texting game with the stalker.
The students are given an assignment from Mr. Branson. Emma and Kieran are paired together which is the perfect opportunity for Emma to learn a little more about Brandon James since Kieran’s dad is the sheriff. Sheriff Hudson has all the old case files at home on Brandon James. Reading these files Emma is starting to make some realizations and learns that her mother Maggie is really the Daisy that Brandon was obsessed with.
More into the episode the secrets continue to unravel which makes everyone who has them start to get nervous. Brooke and Riley get messages from the killer who they think is Tyler texting them, asking for help. Will and Jake find this out and with Tyler being accused of murdering Nina, the two take it into there own hands to get Tyler to meet them to make sure the blackmail doesn’t come up.
While the police are able to confirm the messages are from Tyler’s phone they decided to set up a sting operation to catch him. The girls text Tyler’s phone back to have him meet them. The police have a Riley look a like ready to go, to meet with the supposed Tyler but it isn’t Tyler who shows up, but some random guy with a picture of Brandon James saying nice try. While the police are distracted the girls are left alone.  Brooke gets an invite from Mr. Branson(who she thinks) to meet for a sexual escapade. Once Brooke is gone, Emma soon figures out that it is the stalker who is playing games and is now playing with her friends. He tells Emma that now she needs to choose. The good girl or the bad girl. If she doesn’t choose he will. Not really thinking of what he really mean’s Emma tells him not to hurt Brooke. He only answers as you wish.
Soon after Riley gets a text from Tyler saying he knows they set him up. With Riley being the sweet friend she is, she apologizes and Tyler tells her to meet him behind the police station. With Riley having no idea about the danger that is out there, she goes to meet him. Riley soon finds herself alone with the masked killer. The killer slashes out and strikes Riley but she is able to get away. She climbs the ladder for the roof but the killer stabs her hard in the back. As Riley struggles to find herself on the roof, screaming at the janitor below through a skylight and realizing he can’t hear her, Noah calls, Riley starts to cry for help. Noah sits on the phone with her while she takes her last breath and Emma soon finds her dear friend dead on the roof.

Ep 4


Scream The Series Recap Ep 4


Hello folks my name is Travis Brown and i’m the owner and editor for HMU. This week’s episode of Scream The Series is reviewed by yours truly as Heather Lee has headed to Vegas for some work. I’m pleased to be able to recap this episode for you guys so bare with me as I let my teenage angst develop right before your eyes. Enjoy!


Blackmail, police corruption and a killer’s lair is what’s in store on episode 4 of the better than expected SCREAM THE SERIES on MTV. While I could sit here and give you my thoughts on the season overall thus far #aintnobodygottimeforthat. So let’s dig into this episode shall we? In the conclusion of last week’s episode we saw Riley get brutally murdered and a car go up in flames carrying the supposed killer Tyler. This week’s opens up with a truly demoralized Brooke (Carlson Young) and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) dealing with the aftermath of their friends death. Both of the girls are distraught over the killing but try to find relief in the fact that Tyler is also dead. Clearly we know Tyler is not the guy or the show would be finished but there is still tons of questions that need to be answered including the blackmail that Will (Connor Weil) and Jake (Tom Madden) have seemed to escape from. After a brief town hall meeting where Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) confronts Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles) about Rachel’s death she heads back to check on Noah.


Emma gets a strange package sent to her house that includes the 1994 yearbook that has the images of Brandon James’ victim’s cut out. The only one not cut out is her father’s. She takes the info to Audrey and Noah and finds out that an abandoned hospital is where the mask Brandon James used to wear was created. Audrey and Emma decide they must go there to find more clues to what is going on as bond for those two has definitely been reunited. With Brooke in mourning and dealing with the fact she is the most despised girl in school Emma is hell bent on finding out what’s going on. The two enter the hospital and find’s what is deemed “the killer’s lair” before running into Noah who of course is pissed they didn’t invite him. After finding Riley’s laptop and extracting a file they find the head of Tyler and soon after find the wrath of one ticked off Sheriff Hudson.


Now that Tyler’s head has been found the case is far from over. The killer is still at large and has designs on something with Emma as the central figure. Podcaster (which is truly reminiscent of the popular podcast SERIAL) Piper Shaw (Amelia Rose Blaire) is all set to leave town until she runs into Emma at the coffee shop. Without giving her specific details she let’s Piper know that now may not be the time to leave. The episode ends as we find out Will got into Duke University but can’t afford it so he and Jake decide to jump back into the blackmail game. Also one of the things we find out are on the laptop is a video of Emma and Will having sex which has been uploaded and sent out to every highschooler in town.


While this episode didn’t involve any killings or crazy social media exploits to the end it was a good filler. Death affects teens in so many ways and the series does a great job of showcasing it through the lives of each cast member. What does Brooke’s father have to do with all this now that we see his apart of the blackmailing ring and why did the killer have Riley’s laptop and Tyler’s head? These questions and the aftermath of the Emma’s sextape should provide a very entertaining fifth episode. Heather will be back to give you guys all the goods and we truly appreciate you checking out the recaps so far!


3.5 / 5



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