Splice Review

Splice Review Reviewed by Nyquill of the Gutter Here is the question I want to pose to you before we start this review: Do you consider creature movies as horror movies? There are many reviewers that want to discredit this as being a horror film, and state that […]

The Descent 2 Review

The Descent 2 Review Reviewed by Nyquill of the Gutter Man this excites me beyond belief. Is it the movie I’m talking about? Maybe, or is it the fact that I’m reviewing a sequel to a movie! I’m excited because I love talking about sequels. Why you ask, […]

The Crazies Review

The Crazies Review Reviews by Nyquill of The Gutter Reviews So I never have problems speaking my mind. Usually half way through the movie I’m already writing my review in my head. I usually try to apply any horror movies that I watch to my inner child. You […]

Wolfman Review

Wolfman Review Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter So all the classics have had their make over do except for Creature From the Black Lagoon, I think. I’m holding my breath because I know its coming one day. Frankie, Mummy, and Drac have all had there next generation […]